TITAN Thunderbolt bar decal set

TITAN Thunderbolt bar decal set

  • $17.68

 Many of the old saw manufacturers provided bars with their name and/or artwork. These bars really made the whole saw/bar package look great. Problem was, after several days of cutting, the artwork on the bars typically wore off. Now you can recreate that look of a complete saw/bar package with bar decals! Just clean your bar, apply the decals, spray on a light coat of sealer and you have the artwork back!

You receive decals for both sides of your bar with transfer tape already applied to your decals.  Firmly press transfer tape onto decals and peel off at a sharp angle to make sure that complete decal is removed from backing paper and is on the transfer tape.  Apply to a clean bar.  Press firmly and remove transfer tape.  Apply a seal coat to the bar to protect the decal.

Bar or chainsaw not included.


This product is produced by Sugar Creek Supply and is manufactured once your order is received.  That insures you are getting the freshest product possible and that they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for years.  Processing time can vary taking up to 10 – 12 days to ship depending on availability of materials.