Pioneer/Partner 5000 Plus decal set

Pioneer/Partner 5000 Plus decal set

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Add the decals back to your old saw, or, give that refurbishing project the final touch! Extensive research has gone into recreating these decals so that they are as close to original as possible. Full instructions for how to get a professional result from applying your decals are located in the Tuning and Repairs section of this site.

More Decal Options!

This decal set can be provided in two different formats for your convenience.  Pricing for the formats available are listed below.

Self adhesive - Some of the later saws originally had self adhesive decals.  Some restorers would rather have the convenience of self adhesive over waterslide/mixed sets.  As with the waterslide/mixed sets, it is strongly suggested that the restorer mist coat the decals with a clear coat after application.  Use several very light coats and let them dry before a heavier coat is applied so that the sealer solvent does not wrinkle the decals.  A heavier protective coating should then be applied to protect the saw and the decals.

Self adhesive vinyl coated - Some restorers do not want to clear coat their saw after applying the decals.  The vinyl coating provides the maximum amount of protection to the surface of the decal.  However, the vinyl coating cannot protect gas and oil from eventually creeping under the decal and lifting it.  If your saw is to be displayed, this is a great option.

PROCESSING NOTE:  This product is produced by Sugar Creek Supply and is manufactured once your order is received.  That insures you are getting the freshest product possible and that they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for years.  Processing time can vary taking up to 10 – 12 days to ship depending on availability of materials.

And, as a final touch to complete that refurbished saw project, be sure to finish it off with one of our bar stencil sets.  Most of the old saws had artwork on the bars,.....check out our Bar Stencil section.  We have recreated quite a few of the old bars and are providing more all the time.  These stencils are very easy to use and produce a professional result.  If you don't see what you need,...ask us,...we may be designing it already for you!

Bar or saw not included.

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