Tillotson HP-1B Carb Kit

Tillotson HP-1B Carb Kit

  • $19.68

Now you can get that old saw running again! Did it bother you when the shop mechanic said he couldn’t fix it because the carb kit was no longer available? Well, maybe you need to tell him, “Yes it is!”

I believe the Tillotson HP-1B kit was used on the Homelite Model 17, some Strunk saws and possibly others.  You will want to check your old kit to see if it matches with this kit.

This kit includes the fuel pump diaphragm, the main diaphragm assembly, the main diaphragm assembly gasket and the outlet carb flange gasket.

PROCESSING NOTE:  This product is produced by Sugar Creek Supply and is manufactured once your order is received.  That insures you are getting the freshest product possible and that they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for years.  Processing time can vary taking up to 10 – 12 days to ship depending on availability of materials.